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How many php-programmers are developing IPB?


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I am just curious about how many people in the technical team of IPB? Like were can I read the history of IPB about how many years is the script and how it appeared, who is the founder and so on, is this an open information or it's a secret?

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We have 4-5 in house PHP developers, and 1 dedicated skinner.

Matt, Josh, myself, Jason L and Mark (he's support, but as he is working on the latest update of Converge I'll add his name in as a "developer")

Rikki handles the skinning.

A lot of the history you can find in interviews on theadminzone.com. Some are quite old, so keep that in mind when determining relevancy of particular topics.


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the story of how Invision was founded and IPB is created will fill many pages :)

Matt should make a Blog entry about the story :D after finishing IPB 3.0, Nexus and IPD ;)

As far as i could remeber Matt started working on IPB alone after leaving the Ikonboard Project.
Charles and Matt founded Invision Power and Matt started working on IPB (dont remeber the date but it must be back in 2002 or somewhere there i loved the look of IPB 0.9 ;) )

Since 2.0 there are more and more Developers involved (bFarber, Rikki (Skin), Matt, and so on)

Thats the short story

to slow...

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Rikki has not always been the primary designer working on IPB. I know in the past he was frequently tasked with custom skinning, for instance (as were previous employees). I think 3.0 is the first major release where work was sectioned off as code vs skin, with Rikki handling the bulk of the skin work. In the past, I think Matt was responsible for a large part of the skin work in each release.

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