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Major Skin Bug?


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anyone notice this??

1. default (IPB) skin:

2. skin 1 (daughter of default)

3. skin 2

Default (IPB) and the skin 1 seem to be working as expected with skin 1 being the daughter of default (IPB) skin.

the second skin seems to be working AS the EDITOR ie, inherits everything from EITHER default OR skin 1 IN THE EDITOR

BUT, when skin 2 is daughter of skin 1, the OUTPUT to the front is as if it's the daughter of the default skin ONLY.
LIKEWISE, when skin 2 is daughter of default skin, it seems to output as if its the daughter of skin 1.

Anyone else confused? coz i am LOL how does it work?

how does it work if i just make skin 2 the parent skin?? where does it get the templates i havent edited?

I am missing something here LOL

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kinda need to know how it works i case i am seeing something it should be doing LOL

SO if i want it to inherit from IPB's default skin, THEN i can make it the parent skin and when IPB updates its skin, non-edited parents skins get updated as well?

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If you create a skin with no parent, and you have not customized it's templates, it will inherit default templates from the inaccessible "root" set (which is effectively the IP.Board 3 default skin).

If you use the developer tools to create a new folder on disk, then use masterMap to map it and so forth, you edit the files directly and it does not inherit anything.

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