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Ban or Nuke Feature for Admins

Jan Krohn

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Due to a large spammer activity on my forums lately who apparently managed to "hack" gmail's registration process, since they were all registered with gmail, using some random letters, we had to block new registrations using GMail account.

I was wondering will there be a "ban" or "nuke" feature for moderators in IPB 3.0 Final, who would then have the ability to ban a member and delete all of his posts, without the need to have an access to Admin CP?

If this discussion already exists, please just point me to it, as I couldn't find it.


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IPB has always given moderators the ability to suspend accounts. We reworded this on the warn panel form to "ban" as apparently, like you, many didn't realize that "suspending" an account indefinitely was akin to banning it.

The ability to unapprove all topics and posts was also added to the warn form, though the ability to delete posts has not been.

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