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I think its unfair you make statements in the feedback section then close the topic so I can't respond. Your coworker responded at 3:55PM which is well within the time frame for trying to get some help for a customer. A hosting customer as you can see from below since 10/18/03, long time supporter here. The getting help just wasn't directed at you. Others have read this also.

Now as for emailing management, I tried emailing them with the email address you provided and it got rejected. Here is the email error.

Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the recipient domain. We recommend contacting the other email provider for further information about the cause of this error. The error that the other server returned was: 550 550 Requested action was not taken because this server doesn't handle mail for that user (state 14).

As for the PM for Matt, they went through despite getting an error with IE8. I loaded Firefox and was able to see my PM's and seen they went through despite the error. Sorry Matt if you get three messages but all I got was an error when trying to send them.

You keep mentioning an SLA of 48 hours. I would like you to point out on your website where it mentions 48 hr sla when a user is signing up hosting, especially a user who signed up back in 10/18/03.

This is not a true feedback section if I can't speak my mind without having my topic closed while the issue is still open for discussion.

Technical details of permanent failure:

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The 48 hour response time is stated on our standards of service:

I am sorry that you feel our standards of service is not to the level you expect, but it is nonetheless, what they are.

Furthermore, it is our hosting policy that when the service is not paid for, it is suspended until it has been - I would imagine all hosts are the same, and you could have simply avoided this entire situation by simply paying the invoice that would have been Emailed to you weeks ago.
It is unfortunate that our Emails ended up in your spam box, but I'm sure you can appreciate, that is out of our control.

Posting on these forums that your ticket hasn't been answered in 2 hours is not going to bump you up in the queue - it would not be fair on the other customers who have also been waiting for a response.

This forum is for feedback, yes, but what your posting isn't a feedback or a suggestion: it's a complaint about a particular situation and that needs to be addressed through the proper means.
If the management email isn't working, please ask for your ticket to be escalated to a member of management, or as has been stated several times, you could have called us at any point to speak to someone immediately.

I'm going to close this topic now, as personal issues such as these are not appropriate for the forums. If you have any further concerns, please contact management in the manner I have described, or give us a call.
Thank you for your understanding.

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