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Tool in ACP to check CHMOD


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[quote name='Μichael' date='15 May 2009 - 04:06 PM' timestamp='1242396384' post='1802092']Support tab, under the Diagnostics section.
Ah thanks that's explains why I never noticed it, I rarely use the support tab lol :rolleyes:

[quote name='bfarber' date='15 May 2009 - 04:42 PM' timestamp='1242398540' post='1802122']Indeed, that's exactly what it does. ;)
Is there any way to add also CHMOD checks for our applications? Maybe adding an xml file in the xml folder for the application?
I haven't checked the code yet but would be good if you can tell me :P

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Definitely a +1 on this idea.

While the permissions checker is a good tool, it could be improved greatly with just one change:

Right now, all it tells you is that the permissions are "high enough", or "not high enough".

Much better would be an addition to tell you what they actually should *BE*, especially on servers that don't use PHPsuexec (where almost everything can be 755/644).

e.g. If 755 permissions are all that's required, and the directory is presently 777, have that be flagged green as before, but with (755) shown as a suggestion next to it. If it's 755, but actually needs 777, flag it red as before with (755) shown.

Same with files, and minimums. I use 444 for a couple things, 644 for others, some at 777, etc.

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