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Too Many IF's statements in one skin template


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Can't have enough of conditionals!

Rather have a single template with conditionals than 500 small templates chopped up.

Skinners/modders have way more control over how their forums can be laid out / look now.

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[quote name='chasz' date='14 May 2009 - 10:14 PM' timestamp='1242353646' post='1801914']
I dont know about anyone else but having so many if statements in one template bit is biting more than we can chew?

but comparing 2.36 speed of 0.300 to ibp 3.0.0's 0.900+

There are a lot of advantages to this system from a designer point of view, it's very easy to move elements of the page around when it's all one big template. You could probably also make an argument for this way being faster or at the very least on par with the old one, since functions and function calls are ore expensive than an if statement.

[quote name='chasz' date='14 May 2009 - 10:39 PM' timestamp='1242355155' post='1801922']
and why are views on forum topics not updating instantly??

It's been this way since the 2 series, it's a resource saving measure. There is a setting to make the topic view counter update immediately however.

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