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This should be changed..


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it's too long..

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I agree. There should be a limitation to how many "keywords" are used in the url. I wouldn't do limitations by a number of characters.
Besides that post was a useless test that showed no true benefit or flaw of the current url system.

If any of your members post gibberish then you can be alarmed.

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ACP > Tools > System settings > Forums > Topics, posts & polls

Topic titles area as the Topic Title Max Length which is set to 150 characters, by default, and can be shortened there.


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[quote name='Matt' date='05 May 2009 - 07:33 AM' timestamp='1241526817' post='1799910']
You can restrict the number of characters allowed in the topic title in your ACP settings. We've left ours deliberately long.


Restricting per Character is not a good idea. It should be per keyword
Maybe this can be an option in 3.1 along with a tagging system?

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[quote name='iBotPeaches' date='05 May 2009 - 09:56 AM' timestamp='1241535406' post='1799925']
Per keyword?

Way toooooooo much work. If you want 50 then 50 is fine. People can learn to type to fit within a max ammount of chars. Otherwise people would just make long long words to evade that filter.

Per Keyword is the effective SEO route. If you wanted to only list the first 4 keywords then it would list only the first 4 keywords. You would then have a blacklist of nonessential keywords that should be blocked such as: is,this,are...etc & you can decide which keywords should be blacklisted in the url.

I worked with Juan on this when I was using vBulletin. I was a vBSEO staff member.
It doesn't matter at all to me. I actually purchased CSEO & I have also recommended that change to their url system.
CSEO will piggy back off IPB's SEO system. Thus reducing the resources required & effectively making CSEO more powerful.

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