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Group Search-ability


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1. Groups can be hidden or displayed. (address your concern about being hidden)
ACP > Management > Manage User Groups > Edit Group > Hide this group from the member list Y/N
Y > Does not display in the members list drop down menu
N > Displays in the members list drop down menu but is not searchable.

2. By hiding the group using the group interface the group is not visible in the drop down menu.
3. By making the group visible the group is available to be selected in the drop down menu in the members list. But when selected and searched no results are available.

1. Keep the existing functionality.
2. Add the ability to search the visible groups that the admin allows to be seen.
3. This gives the best of both in one interface.

1. How can we add the functionality?

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I can search groups via that, unless I am missing something here?

(If this is IP.Board 2, they won't be releasing bug fixes for that unless it is a security issue, which in this case is not)

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If you are a member of the primary group then it'll show you in the group. But if you're in multiple groups you won't show up in the results of the other groups..

ex. user 1 is in group 1

using the member list he will be shown in group 1

user 2 is in group 1 (primary) group 2 (secondary)

using the member list he will NOT be shown as a member of group 2.

hope that helps to clarify.

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That has been that way for a while and the only way to search for secondary groups is in the ACP, If I remember right they had no intention of changing that.

If I were to change anything, personally, it would be that if you make a hidden group a primary group on a member then that member is hidden from searching and the Staff page but that's more or less very personal.

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[quote name='Morrigan' date='17 April 2009 - 12:04 AM' timestamp='1239923055' post='1796448']
Currently none that I can think of but I suggest you make it a suggestion to be able to search secondary or find members via secondary groups in the Customer Feedback forum. ;)

Didn't realize there was a specific customer feedback forum is that the same as the general feedback forum


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[quote name='bfarber' date='17 April 2009 - 03:23 AM' timestamp='1239934998' post='1796469']
Are you looking for help modifying this for your own user, or making a feature suggestion (as this is not possible presently)?

I think searching by group would be a great feature.


Searching "hello" only for people in moderator group

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