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Modules, Widgets, etc.

Guest Zepher

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Hi, I was looking at various websites and noticed more and more are offering modules or widgets that users can upload and place on their blogs, hompage, etc. I'm wondering if IPB is planning on offering a module or widget system for the new release if IPB. It would be nice to have modules and widgets that an administrator or user can create and upload for functionality, integration and customization. I've seen large social networking sites like facebook and twitter get a lot of press because they are allowing users to create their own modules. Google has gadgets which you can place on your homepage. I'm wondering if they all use similar technology and whether 3rd party widgets from other services (eg, facebook, google, myspace) could be imported and used. They might be propriatary to the site or service and there are many sites offering modules and widgets. I posted about how I thought twitter was basically built around a 'current status block' but was told that twitter is so cool because they let users create their own modules. Anyway, just wondering what you all thought about a module system for IPB to be used throughout the blog, gallery, forum and portal. Also, is there any way of tapping into and using 3rd party widgets or modules from ohter sites and if they use similar industry standard code or API. Any thoughts?


Universal Widget API

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Why two threads on the same subject ?

Sorry, I didnt' see it in recent content, so for testing sake I put it in the blog category to see if it shows up. Anyway, any thoughts about a widget/module API or are you looking for content errors only - maybe I misspelled (sp?) something. As a user group we need to give as constructive suggestions as we possibly can. I figure, we should be albe to come up with some good ideas about fitting IPB3 into today's internet. I'm not afraid to post some thoughts, links or research. If any other Nerds on this board have any good Ideas then take a drag from you ventilator and feel free to post your sugestions, I'm sure you know how to type & do a google search.


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