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Question about side bar that shows Recently Added Topics and so on

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I am wondering as board admin, can we add a tab on the side bar that shows "Recently Added Topics" or "Watched Content"?

A custom tab????

This would be great if we can! I am thinking about recently added Blog Topics, Recently added images etc.

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The tabs you see now are simply hooks. Anyone can create a hook, though of course you'll need the PHP knowledge necessary to write it. I expect you'll see a flood of hooks for the board index sidebar upon release.


I wish it is part of the package but optional... ;)
Thank you for your explanation...
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They are optional. You can disable any hooks via the ACP hooks manager with the click of an icon.

I mean the new hooks....

Let me explain what's in my mind.
You give us 10 hooks that we can choose from (included to main package)....

like the current ones and the additional:
  1. Recently Added Topics (right now we have this)
  2. Watched Forums (right now we have this)
  3. Watched Topics (right now we have this)
  4. Latest 10 Posts
  5. Latest Blog Entries
  6. Latest Galery Pictures
  7. Latest Tracker Entries
  8. so on
These are just my examples.... Can be different or less or more...

Optional we can add the one that we like.....

I would like see this in main package as part of it. Not an additional Mod....

This makes this version more versatile...

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why not save the members sidebar state in the db?

for people like me that like's it minimized, it's kind of annoying to toogle it off every time i use another browser or clear my cookies etc.

Because it's another column you'd need to load on every page load then, when it only actually applies when you are on the board index. It's a waste of resources.
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