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Include message text in PM notification

Guest eyedam

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Would you consider adding a member option to include the actual PM text when receiving e-mail notification about a new PM, please? Several members have asked me of this feature.

A bit more radical approach would be to not distinguish between PM or e-mail from the point of sender's view at all, but let the receiver choose whether s/he wants to receive PMs or e-mails or both, or PMs with notifications (without the message body) when being privately contacted by a member.


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OK, thanks for the replies, it's nice to here the feature will be available in version 3.

If it's not possible to disable sending the pm text with the notification email then we would be very unlikely to ever want to upgrade to IPB 3.0

You can remove the message text in the language files (email content) for the whole board at any time. At least, you could have in version 2, I don't know about 3.
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