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[REQ] Add breadcrumb to bottom of page as well

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When browsing forums, I will often scroll down the page to see which topics interest me, loading the ones that do in background tab. When I'm at the bottom of the page is the time I would most likely use the breadcrumb (eg. Invision Power Services > Invision Power Services, Inc. > IPS Company Feedback > IP.Board) to one of the parent folders, but as it's at the top I either have to scroll back up to the top, or use the Forum Jump Drop down which requires three clicks (compared to one for clicking on a breadcrumb).

Please can you add the breadcrumb to the bottom as well, or at least add a switch in the CP.

I know I could also edit the code myself to add it to the bottom, but it's such a fundamental feature for making browsing an IPB forum as easy as possible. Fancy new skins are nice, but ease of use should be right up there in the priority stakes (along with a powerful search feature).

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