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A question from a forum mod

Guest Pat Willener

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I am a moderator at an IPB forum, and we get our fair share of spam posts and reports.

Every morning I check my messages inbox, which usually contains a few reports/complaints. Some of them have already been handled by other mods who reside in other places on the planet. But I have to check each and every message, and each and every reported link.

I would like to report any actions I have taken back to the other mods, so they don't have to investigate each report. Similarly, I would like to get feedback from other mods on actions taken.

So my question: is there a way to create a "group PM" address, that could contain all mods' IDs? Or is there another way to let other mods know that action has been taken on a certain complaint?

(IPB 2.3.6)

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