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IPB2.0: SQL issue after moving site

Guest EdContradictory

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Sorry, but I can't post in the peer to peer support forum for some reason.

We moved our forum software to a new host. Everything works the same as before EXCEPT sending PMs. It throws a SQL error.

mySQL query error: SELECT m.mgroup_others, m.id, m.name, m.msg_total, m.view_pop, m.email_pm, m.language, m.email, me.vdirs, g.g_max_messages, g.g_use_pm FROM ibf_members m, ibf_groups g

LEFT JOIN ibf_member_extra me ON (m.id=me.id)

WHERE LOWER(m.name) IN ('username')

AND m.mgroup=g.g_id

mySQL error: Unknown column 'm.id' in 'on clause'

mySQL error code:

Date: Tuesday 24th 2009f March 2009 09:41:28 AM

The tables and columns are all there. Anyone seen this before?
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As stoo2000 stated, in order to post in the peer to peer support forums you need to have a current support contract with us. If you do and this is a mistake, please submit a ticket to our Account Assistance department and we'll be happy to sort out your account.

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