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Quick Edit Save button not working?

Guest Mark H.

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OK, I'll give it a try again.

EDIT: Nope. The "Save Changes" button in Quick Edit does nothing. Switching to the Full Editor.

Yep, it works here.

Using Firefox 3.07, will try with IE (though that's been far more problematic with this Beta than FF).

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This is odd. Using IE, the Full Editor opens by default when I click the edit button in my post above. WTH.....??

EDIT: Sure enough. Using IE, when I click the edit button, the Full Editor opens instead of the Quick Editor.

EDIT: And with FF, the Quick Edit opens (is that AJAX??) but the save button won't work.

I give up. :blink:

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It hasn't been working for me for a while, but I thought that was just a side effect of being in FF 3.1b4 [pre].

e: I take that back; it spontaneously started working now. It hasn't for a couple weeks for me.
e2: and apparently this is 3.5b4 now, not 3.1. Hmm. Irrelevant, though.

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Its been working for me. (w00t) Not FF3.07

These are the error(s) created in Firebug.

Actually, that might explain why it hasn't been working for some but we've had a hard time reproducing. jsDebug definitely is a problem for many - if they don't have Firebug, a lot of stuff breaks because that variable likes to stay on. <_<

But the edit_reason is null error is something we need to fix. Can you report to bug tracker please?
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