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Lofi skin feedback

Guest Brandon D

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First off, I really like the skin so far. I know it's a work in progress so I apologize if some of this will already bel addressed.

- You seem to be using the breadcrumb nav in the blue header. Love the idea but it'd be nice if they were links like the breadcrumb, it's eaiser to click on the larger text in the header and it seems like the breadcrumb nav is the primary source of navigation on this skin.

- Topic listing is cut off, can't see last reply info

Thought there was more but I can't remember :P

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Much appreciated :)

One other thing I remembered - it's impossible to determine when the quote of someone's post ends and the author's reply starts. It just looks like part of the post, the only reason I know it's a quote is because it says 'x, on Yesterday...' above it, I just don't know where it ends :D

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