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Drag & Drop Forum arrangement

Guest martin-al

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The new way of arranging the forums in ACP is great.
Easy to use with drag & drop.

However, is there any possibility to have the same functionality for simply drag a forum into a different cathegory, without going via the settings-page?


Cat 1
- Forum 1
- Forum 2
- Forum 3
Cat 2
- Forum 4
- Forum 5
- Forum 6

I want to move forum 5 into category 1 by just dragging and dropping.
Can this be possible in future versjons of IPB?

Another thing that kinda annoyes me, is when I am creating new forums in ACP.
If I go into Category 4, and click Add New Forum, the placement of the new forum gets to category 1. This should be fixed, so the categori I am in gets selected automaticly in the dropdown-list

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