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Exquisite is the best word to describe IPB 3.0.. I am in complete love with this forum software.. The only issue I have is the cost.. All in all it will cost me around $400 dollars to get my forum set up the way my phpbb3 is. Which unfortunately is a lot for me.

I do wonder though, is there ever any specials on the pricing at all for IPB? Or what about a free conversion period from other forum software to ipb?

Just curious.

And, just once again, as I'm sure you guys just don't get quite enough compliments, Amazing work!

~ Jason

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Well, I have some extra modifications for phpbb3 that are free.. such as the blog mod and the photo gallery, that, if I move, I will have to pay for..

Though it would be a for sure upgrade.. It would be a costly one..

This is what I have as my costs:
Conversion from phpbb3 -> $60.00
License -> $149.99
IP Gallery -> $65.00
IP Blog -> $65.00
Style -> $20.00 (Of course I could go for a free style or the defaults)
Perpetual License [IPB SEO Module] -> $95.00

I don't have the phpbb3 version of the seo mod but this would be an amazing benefit for the forum.

So all in all, this puts me over $400 dollars.
I will be saving up but it will be a long time before I can even think about getting ipb with this cost..

Of course I have thought about making my members angry and taking out the blog and photo gallery, but that would still bring me to over $250... Which is still out of my price range. ugh.. :(

Is there a newsletter I could sign up for to be alerted of upcoming sales on products.. etc?

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Here's a few ways you could save a little :)

  • First, get the Community Suite package instead of buying the applications separately - it gives you IP.Board, IP.Blog and IP.Gallery for $249
  • You could do the conversion from phpBB3 yourself. We provide easy to use converters for free on our website. If you've managed to install forum software before, you shouldn't have any trouble running a conversion yourself. Converter information is available at http://www.invisionp...rd/convert.html :)
  • You could hold off buying the SEO mod for the time being. IPB3 includes a number of SEO improvements which you may find suit you just fine :) There's some information about these improvements at http://forums.invisi...?showentry=2610 and http://forums.invisi...?showentry=2594

Let us know if we can provide any other information to help :)
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Wow.. That really helps out! If I could just raise enough money though.. Hmm.. I guess I could try a fundraiser of some sort.

Question though, I know for sure that you cannot release a date at all.. I'm just asking for a time period as I haven't seen a new version of IPB released. Is it possible for IPB3.x to be released in the next 6 mo.? My feelings wouldn't be hurt if you couldn't tell me of course.

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Ok.. Awesome. So I wouldn't have to pay the extra, what was it, $25? for the 6 mo. thing.. Ok.. Now to find some decent ideas for forum fundraisers.. ugh.. I wish I had some money.. I hate being a college student.. :P

And thank you everyone for all your help..

I love the phpbb3 support staff but you guys are great as well! Thanks for all your help in pricing. Hopefully soon you may see me more often on here. ;)

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