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Mass moderation needs some captcha!

Guest Hasbro

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Hi, in 3.0 you MUST add captcha to mass moderation/mass moves and/or when a super moderator moves multiple topics.
Every thread in my forum was just deleted by a script which was used, and this is the solution to it.
How it works: The script posts variables including the user agent pretending to be a moderator, then deletes every thread in every forum. In my case, this was about 12k threads which contained about 59k posts. Sadly, we had no backups. Anyways, this would be a great feature to implement and there should be an option in the acp to enable/disable this.

Please take it into consideration, thanks.

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2.3.6 ALSO had form validation keys in the moderator forms. I'd submit a ticket - I can't even begin to imagine how this could have happened. I'd venture to guess a moderator actually did this, or someone somehow gained access to your moderator's account. You can't just write a script to "pretend" to be a moderator...IPB isn't going to treat you as a moderator unless you are using a moderator's account.

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