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Bug in Guest/ReCAPTCHA ?

Guest JayX

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I did a search for reCATPCHA and nothing came up, but I might've missed it. In 2.3.6, if you enable guest posting and use reCAPTCHA, you get two boxes.. one for normal CAPTCHA asking you to type in a 6 character message (which doesn't appear) and the reCAPTCHA box as normal. If you put anything into the CAPTCHA box, it won't proceed.

Can provide a link to this if needed.

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I believe that issue is in the Bug Tracker. I do remember it being discussed (briefly) here in the Forum. But perhaps it was on the now-gone preview site, come to think about it.

Anyway, I'm 99% sure it's a known issue and due to be fixed in the next(??) Beta.

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