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[Suggestion] Ability to re-order via up down buttons the display of Global Permissions lists

Guest The Old Man

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I have about 11 User Groups on my board (including search engines, admin etc) with varying levels of file upload space, download privileges.
I find that I have trouble remembering in which order my members are promoted through the various user groups that I have created when it comes to editing Global permissions. Currently I can see that where Global Permissions lists the various Member User Groups in the various section of the AdminCP, they are in alphabetical A-Z order.

It would be nice if we could have the ability in the AdminCP to move the display order of the User Groups into our preferred display order, through the use of up and down buttons, which would make it easier to remember the promotional order of our User Groups, when we're adjusting permissions. Currently it means switching back to the User Group List and making a note of how posts are required before they move to the next group.

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