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Pretty URL Redirects

Guest Brendon Koz

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I've manually typed in the URL to a specific sub-forum on these boards that I remembered the URL by heart. If anyone's as silly as me, or uses bookmarks to get to a specific sub-forum, they'd be greeted by the main index of the forum because of the small oversight.

The following URI:
...but it needs to be:

Notice the extra question mark. To be fair, I cheated and removed "index.php" from the original URI, and when it is restored to the URI, it works fine. Therefore, I'm not entirely sure if this is worth fixing or not (but should be a simple REGEX change). I figured I'd post about it regardless.

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As I have not yet installed my own purchased board yet...is there ever an instance that the originating file being called is not the index.php file, when being called from the root folder? Granted, add-ons may make use of separate files, so I suppose that really can't be judged completely unless there are conventions that must be followed.

Thanks, guys!

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