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Should we drop PM table before upgrading?

Guest Rod.

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I got a message saying I am not allowed to use the PM system here.

:unsure: :blink:

It's just temporarily disabled while the messages are converted :)

See here > http://forums.invisionpower.com/topic/281678-question-on-personal-messenger/

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Does every message get turned into a new personal conversation, or are you going to merge messages together into single personal topics based on the subject? Like if the message title was "hello" and the reply was "re: hello" or "re: re: hello", etc... (any case of re:, with any number of spaces after it). If they are going to be all converted into single personal conversations, I don't see a reason to even keep them. But if they were merged together based on subject, I don't mind keeping them.

Another potential solution is just making a "read only" PM module added onto the personal conversation app. Essentially it would be like the old PM module, but it only lists PM's in their respective boxes and allows you to read them. No replying, or starting messages... Just a "read-only" archive. That may be the easiest. It could be an advanced setting to turn on or off, and could only be turned on if the old tables exist.

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Here's the plan.

I'm going to add a checkbox to allow you to skip PM conversion. I'm going to write a script that converts them so you can do them afterwards.

Can you give us an idea of how long it might take to convert PMs, relative to the rest of the install? Looks like I presently have 300,000 private messages on my forum. I'd prefer to do everything in one fell swoop before putting the converted board back online.


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