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[REQUEST] Put Signature on/off BACK in Quick Reply.

Guest Mark H.

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It's still passed in as a hidden field, so it's an easy change to make in your own skin. The reason it isn't included now is because we want the quick reply to be minimalist - type your reply and go. If you need more options, that's what the full editor still exists for :)

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But it's not MY skin to change here. :P

And it's here that I normally don't want my sig to show except in a few cases where I've offered to help someone for pay. And (unless I've missed something?) there's no way to have it off by default, using the Full Editor to turn it ON if I want to.

And turning on the Full Editor, with the load you're now seeing (1230 active users), adds 7+ seconds to the task of adding a simple reply. I understand your desire to make fast reply BE fast, but for me at least it's actually slowing things down.

And as long as we're at it... Since I haven't even LOOKED at skin editing yet, let alone DONE any editing, can someone give me a step-by-step on how to activate the options section in Fast Reply? (Thank you!)

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