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Guest Attero

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Would it be possible if you can add a feature in the View New Content page that allows us to view new content in topics that only we have posted in?

This would be very quick and easy in case I would like to check really quick if I have got any replies. I understand there is an notifications system via email for that, but I don't like email notifications eating away at my inbox so it would be cool to just check the page quickly.

Edit: Suppose I could also use the Watch Topic feature. But it would STILL be cool to have this feature.

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This feature is already there. Topics where you have posted have a different 'icon' to their left, than ones that you have not posted in.

If the icon [here on this board] has an arrow pointing to the right you have posted in the topic.

However, you cannot 'filter' the view to show you ONLY topics where you have posted.

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