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Multiple Member Group Icons


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Would it be possible to add in a future version (don't know if IPB3 has it or not) the ability to add multiple 'Group Icons' to a person. We have several people that are assigned to Primary Group and then one or more 'Secondary Groups' most of which have their own distinct group icon.

Right now we have to go in and create a 'combined group' as well as a new image for that group that combines the group icons for each of the groups... while this is easily doable, it becomes a management nightmare. :D

This could even me enhanced with a member profile option that allows them to select what group icon they want to display on their profile.

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+1 This is an oldish suggestion, but it's also one that appeals to me too.

I have members in Secondary Groups (Community Volunteer groups, Honored Members etc). These secondary groups have their own Group Icons but they don't show up next to the member's posts, only Group Icons for the primary groups do.

In fact Group Icons are not even shown in the member's profiles which has to be an oversight!

I don't want to install a mod for this, I think it should be a built-in feature.

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