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Better Board Statistics?

Guest Koly007

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Can you add a Feature like this - to additional tune up the Board Statistics?
That it look like this:

All in all are xxx commtents xxx topics and xx posts.
All Members wrote xxxx PM's and xxx emails
Our gallery system has xxx photos in xx categories, with xx albums and xxx comments
In the xx days since the boardstart, the ? posts a day is xx
today have been posted xx new posts
the board is having xx member (? of new registrations a day)
the newest member is xx
most visitors online on xx at xx:xx
The most registrations a day is xxx

--> I mean

xxx comments (all topics + posts)
xxx topics (all topics)
xxx posts (all posts)
in the xx days (days since the board is installed)
? is xx (posting-? since boarstart)
Today have been createt xx posts
the board is having xx members (all member which are registred)
newest member xx (newest member "Koly007)
most visitors online @...
most registrations --> on the best day 20 new member registered in the board..

Sorry for my English

Thank you!

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