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In my opinion, IPS still needs to be faster...

Guest ysun

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A lot of ppl are talking about vbb vs ipb, actually in the global envirement, the discuz should be included. Discuz doesn't have official english version which also doesn't mean it has less users and functions, discuz actually has much more users than any other forum applications in the past 5 years. What Discuz will do is to develop the php applications beyond the english world and release english version suddenly to beat the competitors into the hell. I can't say Discuz is better than IPB, but discuz develope very fast. I suggest IPS developers download Discuz products to see if there is anything better to learn. In the article of Sun-Tzu, he said "Know the enemy and know yourself, and you can fight a hundred battles with no danger of defeat. " Now discuz got the investment from Sequoia Capital, Morningside Ventures and even Google, it grows more faster than ppl expected.

You can download their products for free from: http://comsenz.com/products , the direct download page is: http://comsenz.com/downloads/install

The products they have now(on the right are the simular IPS products with extra functions):

  • UCenter -- a little more than IP.Converge
  • Discuz! -- IP.Board + Wap Support + Transaction System + Point(Credit) System + More...
  • UCenter Home -- IP.? + Social Network Software + Connection with SuperV(online video)+Discuz!+EZShop(online business)
  • SuperSite -- IP.Nexus + Connection with X-Space
  • X-Space -- IP.Blog + IP.Gallery + IP.Download + Connection with EZShop + Connection with Social Network Software
  • Discuz!NT -- IP.Board based on ASP.net
  • ManYou -- API Open Platform
Though the Chinese language support is originally build-in in the discuz, I still don't want to give up IPS product because I have already spent a lot... I was not trying to complain something, just thought it would be much better if IPS can move faster...
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Quality over quantity any day, if you want IPS to release 10 really bad products that took a week to make, go ahead. I'd rather wait a long time for decent products any day that have less bugs etc.

Not offensive, discuz has a good quality control, too. It just doesn't have english version which make it out of the sights of the competitors...
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  • Management

I removed your other posts as you've turned this into an infomercial for Discuz. :D Your feedback regarding the development cycle has been noted although I don't believe you had to go so far as to posting a direct link to the convert to Discuz. :)

I cannot comment on Discuz as I'm unfamiliar with their product. I can tell you that there is a lot involved in terms of developing a product line as large as ours. While we do have plans to further streamline releases in the future, I wouldn't expect lightning fast development and releases - frankly, I'd be leary of any product that is developed quickly.

If you have any further feedback regarding development, please feel free to open a new topic. We also welcome comparisons to competing products -- that is of course what drives progress. Please limit your discussion to actual, constructive feedback, versus "they develop fast, go here to convert." :)

Thank you.

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