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email notification when someone is posting

Guest vesperala

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I know I can have options on a forum or a topic, to be notified if someone is posting there

but maybe is a good idea to be notified if member X is posting on that board, does not matter where...

maybe I like a member more , maybe he is a doctor and I wish to read all his posts, etc...
for me would be important to know when that member make a new post there :)

I suppose would be a good Idea that next version of IPB have such an option for members: to be notified with an email when an user is posting...

it is obviously no one wish to be notified if that user is posting everyday, but sometimes, some user does not appear or post everyday... then , maybe an user wish to be notified when somebody is back :)

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Only if you also give members the ability to not be stalked this way if they don't want to. <_<

:o what can upset you, if your posts are read?
is not this the reason you are is posting?
do you prefer I enter your profile 100 time a day to see if you wrote something?
is not more elegant to know when you write and read then?
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