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Two-day delay before forum newcomers can post

Guest Brain Sparks

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I've searched and searched but can't find this idea addressed anywhere.

On my forum we have a problem with lots of newcomers who jump right in with both feet without first aquainting themselves with the forum culture, or without first searching and reading any earlier discussions.

It would be good if all newly validated accounts could be blocked from posting for a certain period of time, say 48 hours.

This would force the member to spend some time reading before jumping in and posting.

After 48 hours the account is automatically released.

There is a function in IPB where by users can be promoted to different member group after making a certain number of posts.

I could find no way, however, of promoting after a certain period of time (regardless of how many posts).

This feature doesn't already exist in IPB, right? Is there a mod or hack to make it work? Plans to create this feature?

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Maybe on your forum, but not on mine.

All forums have different cultures. So different rules apply.

My two forums where I could do with this, both have a hardcore of extremely loyal and regular members. Many have been posting almost every day for six years. It is a very tight-knit community consisting of around 1,000 members who post daily, and another 8,000 or so who post between daily and once a month.

Every day we get around 10 excited newcomers who suddenly think the forum is the best thing since sliced bread and they "spam" every possible topic with garbage. Until now the moderators have been dealing with these newcomers manually. Sending them messages, introducing them to forum culture, and putting a temporary posting block on the account if necessary.

It would be nice to have a more automated solution. And remember, this would be a setting. You could choose to apply it or not. In your case, you wouldn't apply it, in my case, I would.

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Please note that Invision Power Board is a commercial product and as such, you must purchase a license to use the software permanently and/or obtain technical assistance. You may find more benefits to purchasing a license here.

If you are an existing customer, please log into your client center and follow the instructions for upgrading your IPS forums account, found at the bottom of the first page you see.

We look forward to helping you!

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