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Invision Power Services

Thank you for contacting Invision Power Services.

This message is to let you know that your ticket ID 552810 (Gallery performance issue) is still in our queue. A representative will respond to your request soon.

Our normal response time is one to two business days; however, during busy times and for more advanced ticket requests there may be a longer response time.

We apologize for the delay in response and appreciate your patience while we work through the ticket queue. Rest assured your ticket is not forgotten.

IPS customers can always log into the client area to see ticket status.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns.

Kind regards,

IPS Support

(This message was created by an automated system, please do not reply to this email address as it is not monitored.)

Invision Power Services


I know You are trying to do something with IPB3, but don't forget about US - existing customers, who give You cash? who already paid for support?

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Due to the unusual nature of your ticket, it was passed to the advanced support department which requires a developer to look into your issue. I apologise that you were not notified of this.

The advanced support department is unusually busy at the moment, but a developer will get to you soon.

Tickets in the advanced support department are not representative of our normal ticket response times, and when I left work on Friday there were no open tickets in our general support categories.

I will make sure I mention your ticket to the appropriate people when they come in this morning so they can send you a status update.

Thanks for your patience :)

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Brandon told me he has no time to fix 2.x issues - he is working on 3.0 now.
Please look on this because we have some big performance issue - There are big troubles when we get over 350 users online in gallery, I hired a company to make an inspection of my server setup and they told me there are crazy long queries that were already provided to You as a ticket - it needs to be fixed somehow.
If You disable/optimize one of this crazy query we could go much better.


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I think Brandon was referring to bugs in 2.x, which are different to support requests - a technician did look into the matter and decided the problem was simply because your gallery is so huge and you have so many comments, thus it was referred to a developer for further investigation. A developer will look into it and get back to you.

If you need anything else it's probably best you mention it in the ticket so that all communication is in one place :)

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I had talked with Jason about the ticket, and it looks like the specific query that he pointed out to me is used in the search.

This will not be an issue in the next version of Gallery. Unfortunately we are not capable of entirely rewriting a portion of the exiting product for one customer at this time, but are more than happy to address it with the upcoming update. Most bugs work the same way - they are reported, and addressed for the next release. :) In the mean time I believe he provided some temporary solutions to alleviate the server load problems you have faced, by disabling the searches triggering them.

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