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Add option to limit FULLTEXT search results (by date cutoff) to improv

Speed Racer

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I noticed that the "date" columns in the relevant tables are indexed. With that being true I added the following to my search_mysql_ftext.php file (~ line 608):

Doing this will override any time no date range is specified and limits all search results to the last year. Because the dates are indexed in the tables this should greatly reduce the number of rows that have to be searched thus speeding up search time and reducing server load.

I would suggest that IPB add such a field (make the 360 above a variable) to the Admin Control Panel. For most people a date like one year is reasonable and the trade is to have faster searches and lower server loads. I think people would use it :)!

		if ($this->is->prune == 0 || $this->is->prune == '')


			$this->is->prune = 360;

			$this->ipsclass->input['prune'] = 360;

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