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Suggestion: Ability to "Flags" Threads as Favorites

Guest virtuala

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One of my forum members asked a good question:

"I wish there was a way to flag or save a certain post. I often come to the forum on the fly, to read the posts and there are often things I'd like to comment on but don't have time to do so at that moment.... and unless I write myself a note and indicate where that topic is located, I'll forget when I come back."

In talking with Support, I know that not a feature currently available, but they think it's a good idea as well.

Along those same lines, I am in the process of upgrading my forum layout to include sidebars. In the sidebars, among other things, we'll have the current month's calendar and a "quick links" section to important pinned threads. One thing I know members would really love is not only to be able to "favorite" or otherwise flag threads they want to "save" or come back to later for whatever reason, it would be really great if those flagged threads could show up in a box in the sidebar (as well as in their own personal profile/control panel).

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You can just click to "Watch" the thread, but select no email notification as the notification option. With IP.Board 3 by default, watched content is shown right on the board index in a sidebar plugin (and is available in your usercp as well). Surely, that would work exactly the same way?

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