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Error messages in e-mail sent by CPanel

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Hello ! :)

I'm making a backup every day and CPanel sends me an e-mail. Today, in the e-mail, I found this line :

Copying homedir..../bin/gtar: ./public_html/uploads/uploads/av-325.gif: Cannot open: Permission denied

/bin/gtar: ./public_html/uploads/av-378.jpg: Cannot open: Permission denied

/bin/gtar: Error exit delayed from previous errors


So I'm wondering why I get this "permission denied" error today (and not before).

I've had a look at the two files inside my uploads directory.

I noticed that for the files, the owner and group could be :
root root
myaccount myaccount

The two files, which had been uploaded on the 19th of June 2004, are chmoded 444 (the other files are all chmoded 777, 755 or 644) and for both files owner and group are : root

In another directory I used for backing the files, I see that the files are chmoded 777 and the user isn't root but myaccount.

The question I'm asking myself is : why do I get this error message today ?...

Thank you ! :)
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If you are getting permission denied still, you would need to check the files are infact set to username:username, if you you need to

chown username:username av-378.jpg

Or to do all files in the current directory

chown username:username *

Be careful though if you don't know what you are doing, don't do it.

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