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I would like to suggest that Invision resurrect the Hosting Customers forum. It can be restricted to active hosting customers only. If that is not possible, then the forum can be placed as a sub-forum of the lounge or separate one with the same restrictions as the lounge.

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Thank you for the suggestion. When we had a hosting forum, it would go weeks, if not months without a single post. Further, those who deal with hosting issues do not often frequent these forums and are not required to do so. As many issues are account specific, we can't adequately provide hosting support via the forums.

Seymour, I know that you're frustrated over the issue you experienced in regards to another account crippling the server. Please hang in there and use the client area for technical support. If you don't think your needs are being properly met, please contact customer service or feel free to contact me.

Thank you again.

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