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Very high Handler_read_rnd_next using ipb

Guest Stepashka

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My Handler_read_rnd_next is extremely hight!
Handler_read_rnd_next 272 G
And I just restarted mysqld 10 hours ago!

my slow_query_log shows problems with ibf_posts

I think you need to fix that in ipb3!!!

Why is it so?
And how to fix that?

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my server is fine. this is my own server.

That may be true but then again have you checked your Disk I/O and other hardware (potential) bottlenecks? As a database grows disk I/O becomes critical. Also have you checked to see how the built in IPB search is hitting? Try disabling it for a day then turning it back on. Did the loads go down? Many searches can cause table locks on the post table that are slower than your "slow query time" and may never appear in the slow query log... but still be the leading factor in CPU load spikes. Also consider items such as eaccelerator and zend extension/optimizer. They will speed up your PHP execution and reduce server load.

Basically what I am saying is that you said, "My IPB install is slow and IPB must have something wrong". What you should do is post your hardware stats, my.cnf file, php.ini (relavent parts) file, some examples from the slow query log. Also you need to describe your traffic (server logs or visual operations)... num of people on the forums (in a stated time frame)... List your Database size (specifically the post table)... oh, and list your software versions (PHP, MYSQL, Linux Kernel, etc). If you can provide a plot of your server loads (one minute average stat) then that would be great (values over the day).
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First of all, you should contact your host and ask them to figure out where the problem originates from. If it is a problem with IPB, send us a ticket and we'll be happy to help you, but we need more information (all of what Speed Racer said would be a good starting point) and it's best to discuss these matters in private.

I'm going to close this, if you have any feedback about IP Board, please start a new topic :)

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