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IP.Board 3 Moderating Team Page


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From all the new, web 2.0 things in IP.Board 3, I'm still rather disappointed with the Moderating Team page. In my opinion, it's missing important information yet displaying the useless type. The location is not important to me, really. If I want to know where they are from, I can go to their profile. Users should be able to go to the staff page to see who is staff and who can help them. I think including an online/offline image or small text would be nice, as well as include the staff member's title, such as "Graphics Director." That would allow forum admins to give their staff titles that are actually useful. Also, there should be an option for an admin to pick the default IM client (AIM for example) and then display an online/offline image for them. This would allow members to quickly contact a staff member via an IM client. This is the BB Code I use on my forum for staff to display their AIM light on my forum. If they're online, the image is bright. If they're not online, it's dark.

________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________

On another hand, I'd like to see an option for usergroups such as this:

Show on staff page: Yes/No

If yes is selected, add the group to the staff page, similar to vBulletin. It will then allow for all staff groups to show on the staff/moderating team page in a more organized manner. Hopefully this makes sense. I believe this to be a more convenient and organized way to display staff members. It'd just save forum admins from having to create the topic showing all the different staff groups & members that pretty much see at every forum.

To end this off, I'd like to say that I am in no way demanding such feature for the release of 3.0 and would like it to perhaps be considered for 3.1. I do understand that you're getting many requests for 3.0 final to this point which makes your job developing and fixing bugs at the same time all the more difficult. I hope you understand.

Best thoughts,

(PS: This is a re-post from the preview site.. was unsure where to post =/)

<a href="aim:GoIM?screenname={content}&message=Hello!+I'm+contacting+you+from+the+powerhouse!+(http://theph.org/)"><img src="http://big.oscar.aol.com/{content}?on_url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v683/Pingu_Head/web/random/aimonline.gif&off_url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v683/Pingu_Head/web/random/aimoffline.gif"></a>

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That would be great. :) Is there any way the height of each row could be slightly reduced? Looks a bit too tall, IMO. Also, if you do change the Location column to Member Title, could you please re-order the columns by putting it like this:

[*]Member Name [*]Member Title [*]Moderates [*]Contact Much appreciated. :)

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[quote name='Rikki' post='1781070' date='Jan 15 2009, 01:50 AM']The options you would like to see won't make it in, but I'm happy to change the info on that page to be member title instead, and add the online indicator :)

I take it you mean won't make it into 3.0. Any chance of them coming in 3.1 though?

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I hope they've changed it so if you assign a member group as a moderator it lists the group name as a link to the members list on the moderating team page. That way people like myself who have forums with a group containing thousand+ members moderating a single forum don't have a moderating team page that locks people's browsers up as it tries to compile and display 1000+ members on one page...

... or I hope they at least added pagination in. ... or I hope they added a setting per group that if enabled exempts them from being displayed on the moderating team page.

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