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I just bought a Domain on Godaddy.com An I went to the name servers and changed them to


Which is what I think i was supposed to do? Anyways it had been about 4 days and still no domain change to my site. I am using the

http://MYLINK.invisionzone.com/ Right now. So is there an issue or what? not sure. Also I have a basic ISP hosting plan that i am trying to get this domain on if that helps at all.

Thanks, Josh

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You've done the name servers you need to go back to your DNS control panel and update the "destination" for this new domain name you have brought.

A typical destination would look something like this...


x.x.x.x = The server IP of your host

~wwwname = The account name for the hosting you are using.

You can confirm these are correct by actually visiting the link above (assuming you use your details) , if its correct you will see your site.

As your board is hosted by IPS, contact them for this information (server IP and your account name) if needed via a ticket in the Client Center.


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