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Discounted price (can you extend the last date?)

Guest Jean

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Discounts can bring number of customers to your company. As you made the last 'discounted price' that started from 5th Jan till 9th Jan (Tomorrow), it wold be nice to extend this date to 20th Jan (to let people purchase IPB and to increase their awareness)

People love discounts , this is something that can switch my thought about IPB - to buy IPB or not to buy? There is a discount , so why not to buy? Ok, I will go for it!

I would be more than happy to see your replies.

Have a nice day! From Israel.

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We have had a few "special requests" and we are doing our best to accommodate everyone.

If you are sure you want to purchase an IP Board license but don't have the money before the sale ends, drop us an E-Mail and we'll see what we can do.

Obviously, I'm not making promises, but we're not as cold as some people think, it pays to ask :)

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Hello Mark.

It's not for me, some people want to purchase IPB but some of them cannot write in english because they might activate their accounts here (on Invisionpower) and most of them don't know where to send their letter.

Should they send their requests to sales@invisionpower.com department? or to the billing department?

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