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[SUGGESTION] Auto-remove IMG tags in quotes

Guest 4x4PH

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This started as a support ticket, with me asking if there's a setting in the ACP where the board automatically removes the quoted IMG tag. This will reduce the loading time of a page and the bandwidth used, and will also bring happiness to the users/readers :P :lol:

Jason of IPS Support thought it was a "fantastic idea" (yay me! :P ) and recommended I should post it here as a suggestion.

I'm actually tired of removing the IMG tags when I quote a post with images, and I didn't want to totally remove the image (or link) so as not to have the readers go back to the original post.

Thanks :)

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Or rather a check box option in the post. I may not want to remove an image from a quote. But if it was a checkbox in the post that was auto selected, I could de-select it on a per-case basis. Just like you can disable emoticons in posts.

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