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View Unread Posts & Number of Unread posts regardless of 'last

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Have seen lots of requests for a mod for this which should be a 'built in' in IPB.
Perhaps this needs AJAX marking system to work?
I know on vB this was a built in as well as 'my threads/topics' (topics the user started) and 'my posts' (all posts a user posted). I'm sure I remember a table in my vB database that was used for read/unread posts....

Also, better/more search features such as find posts by member name (input field), find topics started by member name(input field), etc.

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essentially the product would check the info in the topics read table in the database and using the 'date/time' in that field in conjunction with the members last log in date/time and find all posts with posting date/time made between the last read date/time and the 'current' (new log in) time.

I hope that made sense.

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