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Community Server 2007

Guest Chris Lotter

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I am keen to purchase IP.Board for a site I have. It is running Community Server 2007. Does the conversion tool you have support this version of Community Server? I can't find the answer anywhere. Does anyone perhaps have an answer for me? I want to take advantage of the current special however I would like to know if the conversion will work before I buy.

I have emailed sales twice but not had a response.

Thanks in advance,

Chris Lotter

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We've never been asked to convert from that software before so a specialist technician will need to take a look at what can and can't be converted - and with the current sale the conversions department is pretty busy, not to mention that one of our main conversions guys in on vacation.

When we get to your ticket we'll be able to tell you what can be converted - to speed it up a little, we'll probably ask to see your database, so it'll be handy to have phpmyadmin (or a similar database access tool) details in the ticket ready for us.

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Thanks for the update Mark.

Community Server is ASP.NET/MSSQL based - there's pretty much zero web based database admin tools for MSSQL (at an acceptable price). He'll probably have to give you a DB dump, or open SQL server access over the internet.

I gave them both actually. :) My host has some web based database admin tools for SQL 2005 installed.

Just an update for anyone else that wants to know. Louis Markham has had a look at the database and he thinks the coversion won't be an issue. His service has been fantastic and IMO he's a real asset to your company.


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