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IPB 2.3 Bug Reports

Guest Gärrett

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Just curious, with the original IP.Board section closed in the tracker, where would bug reports for 2.3.6 go? Or do we just not worry about them at all anymore, and wait for 3.0?

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Well, only the button is removed. You can report a new bug from right there:



That link is probably a bug of the Bug Tracker (ironic?) but who cares? :P


There will be no more releases to the 2.3 line assuming nothing major comes up (like the 2.3.5 spam problem) so don't worry about them unless they're also present in 3.0.

Alright. Turns out it was an issue with my skin, anyway. Thanks though! :)
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Bugs with tracker, if still present in current versions, should be reported to the tracker category ;)

We have no intentions to release bug fix releases of 2.3 at this point. Naturally we will still address security issues. If the bug exists in 3.0 report it to that category, otherwise we'd simply be marking the bug fixed anyways.

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