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Hot topics with polls - not so hot topics?

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I've always found it rather peculiar that there are separate icons for "hot topics" and "topics with polls". That means that a topic with a poll can't become a hot topic... and a hot topic that has a poll added to it later is suddenly not a hot topic anymore! Weird!

Having a separate topic icon for polls is completely unnecessary. Surely the standard topic icons should be used for ALL topics (regardless of whether they're polls or not). The tag word "POLL" is a more than adequate indicator that there is a poll attached to a particular topic.

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Interesting. Can't say I agree or disagree either way, but I can understand your point.

Personally, I like the icon changed, but perhaps there could be a "hot poll" icon (based on replies, not poll votes)?

I like the idea of a "hot poll" icon , although I'm 50/50 on it reflecting replies or votes :)
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