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IPB 3 hooks feedback/suggestions

Guest Vince G.

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Well some of us started doing some testing with the new hooks system along with some other new features the board has. I was having a few questions about the hooks system at the moment that i would like to know if there are any answers for them.

1. When adding a new hook trough the ACP there is no place to enter the RAW PHP code like you do when importing an XML as if you were installing a hook. Not sure if that's a bug or not but it does not add the PHP code from the file to the DB unless the hook was installed trough the import field.

2. access points - I am not sure how they are working at the moment, How the list of access points actually generated (at first thought it fetches all the if and foreach statements from the templates, but i was wrong ) was wondering how the access point list actually works? And if we would like to add a hook in a certain place for example like just before it prints the post content inside a topic? How would we do that? How would we have access to the $post_data template variable that is used in the skin_topic topicview template?

I know the hooks are a new system and it's being tested i was just curious about those.


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I dont have access to the preview site. I can't register. I get this message:

Is there any other kind of registration I have missed?

Go here > http://login.ipslink.com/ , use the same email / password as you use to login here / Resources site / Client Center to login.

When you have logged in there, on the right will be a link to the Preview site, this should also log you in. You`ll just be asked for a display name (probably) if it is your first visit :)
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Thank you for the help, I'm in! :) I got Ioncube to work on my media temple server today aswell, so I could install IPB 3. Will look more at the admin panel and provide some feedback. I have one more question is beta 2 the same as beta 1 refreshed, and is beta 2 something I should upgrade too, or can I wait?

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