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Suggestion for 3.X - PM display

Guest brawlyrox

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Noticed this on another forum, but having a PM conversation displayed in the same way that any other topic is displayed, with separate posts one after the another, and not with a hundred different nested quotes that inevitably get screwed up when someone accidentally places one of the quote tags in the wrong place. So yea, each PM convo is displayed as a topic, I can't see it being a hard feature to implement, just take the code you have already for displaying topics and find a way to make it private to just two (or more) people.

Oh, and the other thing I thought of, again nabbed from another forum. The search, take the search terms, count how many times they appear in each search result and sort the results based on the highest number of instances found. Not brilliant, but simple and I think it works (on PistonHeads) much better than our current search facility.

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