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Tweaking a server for IPB - How ?

Guest SecondSight

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Hello ! :)

I'm having a few high server loads on my new server and I don't understand why...

My old server was :
8 processors Intel® Xeon® CPU E5345 @ 2.33GHz
speed: 2334.683 MHz
cache size: 4096 KB
With 6 Gb RAM.

My new server is :
8 processors Intel® Xeon® CPU E5430 @ 2.66GHz
speed: 2660.194 MHz
cache size: 6144 KB
With 12 Gb RAM

I suppose my new server is more powerful... I also have eaccelerator installed.

But, if my old server was working well with 800/1200 users online, this new server I have now gets high server loads with only 450 users online... So I don't understand.

So I wonder : is there a special way of configuring the server for IPB ?

Thank you ! :)

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You need to:
Install xcache instead of eaccelerator
optimize mysql
try to optimize apache or replace it with lets say litespeed or nginix.

But i would say that first two should be enough.

When box is under heavy load type this commands and paste it here:

free -m
ps aux
mysql how many queries per second do you have.

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Hello ! :)

It seems like the problems I had came from the disks being used and the raid system not working well. Both disks have been changed and the server load is low now (I used to have problems with rebuilding posts being so slow, validating members taking a lot of time, high server loads,... all these problems have now disappeared).

Thank you ! :)

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