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Consistent Application of Thread Tracking Feature

Grand Maester

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When you check the box in the new post window to enable topic tracking, it enables delayed e-mail notification by default without giving you the option to change it to something else. While that is exactly what the option says here, on some other forums using IPB it simply says "enable topic tracking." On those forums, automatically defaulting to delayed e-mail notification can be misleading, especially when there's no way to change it to default to a different type of notification. However even here it can be annoying, I prefer to not to be notified by e-mail of replies but to simply monitor it from my subscription board in the control panel. I don't understand why IPB doesn't take you to the same screen it takes you to any other time you enable topic tracking (i.e. when using any other method to enable it), which allows you to chose the method of notification (including none at all). I know you can go back to the control panel and change the method of notification there, but why not provide that option after submitting the post as is done when enabling it using the options menu on a thread or forum page. This is a fairly simple change that I think would enhance consistency in functionality and avoid unnecessary annoyance.

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