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Is this the IPB 3.0 skin for real?

Guest JDT

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I hope the IPB 3.0 skin is much easier to skin, because right now, it appears to have added dozens more CSS classes. When can we get a skin that is default like vBulletin, where you can easily change the CSS in several areas at once?

I realize this takes a little more thought, to ensure colors and links don't conflict with eachother, but vBulletin currently is the easiest software to skin on the market. Nothing comes close.

I'd say, in this order:

vBulletin > IPB > phpBB

(in terms of skinning)

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Even still, there'll be more CSS than in 2.x just because the new skin does not use tables for layout and does not use any inline styles. A large part of the CSS is for structure and layout, and most skins will never need to change those parts. But, if someone wanted to radically change something, they have that option now just by editing the CSS.

The CSS file needs some condensing and reorganizing though - once it's done it'll be really easy to change colors quickly etc.

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