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Subforums dropdown menu on Board Index

Guest gogoblender

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Hello there people,

Wouldn't it be nice if subforums on the Board Index appeared as a drop down menu? I've been wanting this for a long time and what little I have accomplished I have found very useful. Saves on Index space and flashy too! :D For my own forum it goes quite deep in terms of subforums. About 4-5 levels of subforums in some areas. For myself and possibly others it would be of tremendous value if instead of listing subforums they were instead packed inside a drop down function. As I imagine it, it would be a matter of hovering over a symbol/icon under a forum name on the index upon which the menu of subforums would appear. If there are subforums in those subforums of the drop down menu then a new menu would pop out vertically and so on. Would be great if we could have this as an optional display style from the admincp.

Here's an example of what I mean. On my forum index the subforums are dropped down when hovered over. Though only in FireFox for now and only the first level of subforums:

Cheers all!

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Almost Adriano but I'm wanting something a bit more convenient. Mostly for my regular members who know where everything is and want to get there quickly. Especially useful for my mod team. What I have on my forum as you can see from the pic below is a dropdown menu for each and every forum of which their subforums are droped down. I'd really like to take this further by having additional levels drop down, or out, to display sub-subforums and so on. But what I love most is that because it is a hover over dropdown it is a very quick and responsive way to navigate my forum.

If anyone has perfected what I have on my DarkMatters forum I would love to learn about it. Even better would be if IPB added this functionality to the core as an optional subforum display feature.

Any takers? :D


P.s. @ Jura
That's because it was me, haha. Me and gogo are co-owners but only his account here is set up as a customer so I have to use his from time to time. But you got it. If it were gogo you'd know by the trademark gogo sign-off. :D

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